Earn real cash sharing things you like on your social networks. You choose only what you like, what you post and when you post it!
Sharetize respects the networks which you have established valued relationships in, and we do our best to maintain the authenticity of the communication between brands and people.

With sharetize there are no cheesy ads, just quick text expressions from voices that you choose. Easy, simple and respectable. You do this already, now you can get something for it.

Remember! You only Sharetize what you want, when you want!

You earn cash for posting about brands you like in your social feeds. You get paid to post and also per click.
Then you can either cash out do good and send the money to your favorite charity. 

For example: Say you earn 3000 points!
  1. You can convert it to $30 in cash OR
  2. Buy $40 in gift cards from your favorite store OR
  3. Buy merchandise at insider prices (big discounts)
Use any of these networks to
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Who is Sharetizing?
Sharetizing is for everyone of all ages and interests. Teens, college students, moms, dads, guys, girls and anyone that wants to make some extra bucks!

Sports Teams and Charities

Sharetize is a great way to raise money for your SPORTS TEAM, CHARITY or ORGANIZATION. Just get your supporters or team members to join Sharetize and then they can donate the money they earn to your cause! These donations can add up very fast and fund your organization’s needs. Advertiser – Charity Partnership Program.