SHARETIZE pays people to recommend brands and products to their friends.

The Sharetize system leverages personal relationships to distribute marketing campaigns via social network conversations and connections. By leveraging these personal relationships, Sharetize social network campaigns are far reaching, targeted and effective. The Sharetize system is built by advertisers for advertisers and is designed to engage audiences in an authentic fashion. This social network marketing system provides advertisers the ability to create robust campaigns which are then effectively presented by real everyday people who share the brands they love with their friends and connections. Sharetize compensates these people for their recommendations and referrals.

Remember! Sharetizers only post what they want, when they want!

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You set what you are willing to pay per post and click or any combination, add your messaging and send it live. To get an added boost invite your fan-base to get them to share with their friends.
Set up to 20 different versions of your message per social network. 

This is so easy to do, and YOU control your costs. Here is how: 
  1. Add funds to your account min $100 bucks
  2. Add your brand message posts copy (up to 20)
  3. Connect your landing page for your clicks
  4. Set you post and click rates
  5. Send it live, and invite your audience
All of the messages go directly into the news feed.

You control your messaging, your post and click fees, and your budget.
Creating multi-social network campaigns in one place has never been so easy. 

Sharetize is beneficial for so many reasons 
    Sharetize enables you to get more targeted fans and build a lasting brand relationship with them.
    Sharetize turns your existing fan base into a marketing machine, leveraging pre-existing relationships to get your brand message out in a viral like fashion.
    Sharetize campaign posts increase your brand interaction, awareness and drive sales with thousands of targeted customer expressions.
    Each campaign can have multiple social networks and all new publishing channels that are added over time by Sharetize. Get charting and real-time statistics and demographics on the reach and success of your campaigns.
    You control what, when, where and who distributes your campaign. No more putting something out there and just hoping it gets to the right demographic and it catches on.
    The Sharetize system not only builds your brands value and awareness, but drives and increases sales.
    You have the flexiblity to set post and click costs to maximize your campaigns effectiveness. You can pay for clicks or posts, or a combination of the two.

So you have a fan page and have some fans… now what??? What happens after the “Like” click? More often than not…nothing that is engaging. Sharetize believes businesses must move out of “broadcast mode” and start a two-way dialogue with their fans and followers that has purpose. Without this engagement, fans lose interest and are quickly distracted to other more interesting brand interactions. More and more companies are looking for tools that mobilize their millions of passionate fans to take action in the real world. It’s important to remember that “Likes” aren’t just clicks of a button, they are people. Within this “brand aware” army there is a huge opportunity to mobilize them into your own viral marketing machine. Your Fans already like your brand, now Sharetize can mobilize and engage them by creating consumer to consumer interactions that are based on existing relationships and compensate them along the way. This compensation creates a new bond with the fan, one that shares a mutual benefit. This benefit is explored and considered and acted upon by the fan. During this processes, the fan is absorbing this ad content and is now more than ever, informed of the brands latest position, offer, or product. The Sharetize social marketing model raises the bar for what constitutes successful engagement, particularly as brands and marketing agencies look to monetize fans. Sharetize integrates marketing into the social conversation similar to product placement in TV and films.

Charity Fundraising
Advertisers today commonly align with charities to not only help a cause but to position their brand to the public. It can be very beneficial for a brand to focus on brand positioning alongside of traditional marketing.

The Sharetize Advertiser - Charity Partnership leverages this type of marketing in a whole new way. The advertiser partners with a charity and then creates Sharetize campaigns around this union. For example, a beverage company partners with a wildlife charity and creates Sharetize campaigns to elevate awareness of the charity while being co-branded with the beverage company. The beverage company and the Charity now message their supporters and ask them to post the campaign on their social networks in order to earn money for the charity. With this type of campaign ALL proceeds of the campaign are automatically deposited to the charity.

This type of campaign gets a lot of traction with publishers as they are willing to do more actions if it is to support a charity. Older Sharetize users, who would not post something in order to earn a few dollars, will post if it is for charity.

Fundraising and Charities

Sharetize is a great way to raise money for your sports team, charity or organization. Your supporters join Sharetize and share products or companies they like. Then they can donate the money they earn to your cause! These donations can add up very fast and fund your organizations needs. It’s simple, open a free fundraising account with Sharetize, then ask your supporters to open a free Sharetize account and share things they like with their friends.

They can then deposit their earnings directly into your Charity’s account. Fundraising has never been so easy!!
  1. Step One: Create your Fundraising account
  2. Step Two: Create your Invite Page
  3. Step Three: Send out invitation to your supporters informing them about your relationship with Sharetize and how they can help your organization raise money. This is fundraising at its best. All you need to do is open the account and message your supporters. Your supporters then in a snap are ready to start sharing and earning for your cause. Ongoing, it takes a just few minutes every other day for your supporters to post their shares.
Charity Invite Pages When you send out the message to your supporters you will include a link to your custom brand page at Sharetize. This page gives your supporters some more information on your fundraising goals and is branded with your images and logos on it. At the bottom of this page is the Get Started button to get them started.

What are they sharing? Shares are everything from a deal or sale happening, to a new movie or concert coming up. When your supporters sign up they let us know what their interests are. We them show them items that match their specific interests. It is totally up to them on what they wish to share. They can share as little or a much as they like, it’s up to them.

Our Charity Invite Page feature is designed to provide Organizations with the ability to instantly mobilize their supporter base and raise money for their cause. Your supporters signup and start Sharetizing, but instead of keeping their earnings, they are able to deposit them to your fundraising account. These organizations could be a football team, a cancer charity, a school or any club. It is a win-win to provide our platform to these groups: our user base grows, we earn income and they are able to raise money very easily.

Charity Fundraising Sharetize can help you raise money for you favourite charity or church. Its simple, open a free fundraising account with Sharetize, then get your supporters to open a free Sharetize account and get them posting. They can then deposit their earnings directly into your Charity’s account. WOW fundraising has never been so easy!!

Political Parties Re-energize your political campaign and provide the tools to motivate and mobilize your supporters. Supporters can donate their earnings right back to your campaign, furthering your cause and message.